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 07/22/2020 ARTICLE by the TIMES UNION about

Seniors on a Mission


Our Mission

Our Mission

Engaging Senior Adults, Serving God & Community.   

Engaging Senior Adults, Serving God & Community.   

Our Vision

We envision a world where seniors are valued, honored, and encouraged to live invigorated lives filled with purpose and grace. 

Our Ministry

2050 Art Museum Drive, Suite 102

Jacksonville, Florida  32207

Phone: (904) 551-4373

We take Senior Adults on team-orientented mission trips to local nonprofit organizations. Our Seniors find meaningful work, purpose, and friendships while lending their helping hands, engaged minds, and seasoned skill-sets to area charities and ministries.

Our Impact

Since beginning in 2005, Seniors on a Mission has engaged 1600+ Senior Adults, donated 125,000 community service hours, and saved 110+ local nonprofit organizations $2,800,00.


Still, our greatest accomplishment comes when seniors finds new life, purpose and joy because of the love, compassion, and power of this ministry.

Nonprofit Collaborators

Since 2005,

Seniors on a Mission has:

  • Involved over 1600 Senior Adults

  • Served over 110 Nonprofit Organizations 

  • Donated 125,000 hours of service, valued at over $2,800,000

  • Made almost 5,400,000 life touches in the Jacksonville community

Our Major Sponsors

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