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Seniors on a Mission is Mobile! What's Next?

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In the spring of 2020, our nation changed overnight. We retreated into our homes. Suddenly, seniors faced limited access to people, places, and things they need - let alone those that bring smiles.  For many, life's routines moved online during the pandemic easily. For seniors, the "digital divide" is real. Uncomfortable with technology, many seniors struggle to keep up with family and friends and access basic services - like telemedicine. The pandemic brought greater isolation, loneliness and even fear. For Senior on a Mission, bridging this gap is now one of the important ways we can nurture seniors’ lives. 


Phyllis is one of our seniors. Phyllis never learned the basics of technology before leaving the workforce. When COVID hit, her world became smaller than she thought possible. Her television and phone were her only companions. Unfamiliar with the world of technology, Phyllis did not know the possibilities her phone could bring her. Can you imagine the relief and joy Phyllis would have if she knew how to use her phone to not only talk to but see her family and friends? It's something most of us take for granted.


Phyllis is not alone. Often unfamiliar or uncomfortable with apps, gadgets and the internet, many seniors are struggling. New technologies are streamlining day to day activities for society, but seniors are being left behind. SoaM has a new purpose and new ministry with our Mobile Unit. We know the frustrations and the joys of our seniors. Expanding their world with education on how to use technology will improve the quality of senior's lives. But we have a critical need. Our Mobile Unit is ready for technological retrofitting. With this upgrade, we will enable seniors to expand their world by making technology user friendly for them. We hope to have our Mobile Unit ready to go by fall. We can't wait to bring this opportunity to our seniors and open their world to new possibilities!

"Engaging Senior Adults,
       Serving God & Community"

Our Vision

We envision a world where seniors are valued, honored, and encouraged to live invigorated lives filled with purpose and grace. 

 PO Box 10021
Jacksonville, Florida  32247
Phone: (904) 509-4784

Our Ministry

Our ministry is to honor, love and encourage independent senior adults, inspiring them to live invigorated lives filled with purpose and grace. We create an environment for seniors to engage in meaningful work, find purpose, and develop friendships while lending their helping hands, engaged minds, and seasoned skill-sets to area charities and ministries.

Nonprofit Collaborators

Our Impact

Our greatest accomplishment comes when seniors finds new life, purpose and joy because of the love, compassion, and power of this ministry.

For 20 years, Seniors on a Mission has engaged 1,800+ Senior Adults, donated 127,500 community service hours, and saved 110+ local nonprofit organizations $2,880,000.


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Seniors on a Mission


In 20 Years

Seniors on a Mission has:

  • Involved over 1,800 Senior Adults

  • Served over 110+ Nonprofit Organizations 

  • Donated 127,500 hours of service, valued at over $2,880,000

  • Made almost 5,400,000 life touches in the Jacksonville community and beyond

Our $25,000+ Major Supporters

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