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Moving Seniors on a Mission into a Sustainable Future


Guiding Principles


These are the primary tenets by which Seniors on a Mission works on behalf of the people they serve. These tenets guide the everyday work of the Seniors on a Mission staff, Board, and volunteers illuminating these tenets to the external environment.


Excellence in our Work

We seek to do everything with excellence.


Advocacy for Seniors

We seek to honor and enhance the lives of seniors through the work we do together.


Faith and Care for our Seniors

Next to Jesus, seniors are #1 on weekdays.


Senior Housing - G3 Village

We seek to be a pioneer in purpose-driven senior housing.


Safeguard Our Seniors and Friends

We seek to safeguard all information about our seniors as well as the benefactors of the organization.


Nonprofit Status

We seek to remain a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that follows all applicable laws and protects our donors.


Donor Stewardship

We are committed to protecting and recognizing our donors who give so generously to Seniors on a Mission.



We strive for budgetary and operational sustainability using best practices in fundraising and financial management.


  • Create Greater Awareness of Seniors on a Mission

  • Create a Sustainable Future for Seniors on a Mission

  • Increase the Number of Seniors on a Mission Nonprofits Served

Read more about Seniors on a Mission Strategic Planning and Implementation Process here:

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