Purposeful Living

Our Vision

Middle-Income, 55+, Rental Agri-Villages near major cities.

Self-Sustaining Sanctuaries of Wellness, offering Purposeful, Gracious, Independent Adult Living!

Our Mission

Obtain land, build, and operate intentional, self-sustaining G3 Village rental communities. 


Our Purpose

The purpose of G3 Village is to inspire successful aging. A safe living space for middle-income senior adults to age gracefully in a community serving others.


Senior adults are NOT AGING SUCCESSFULLY. They are caught in a world of isolation, loneliness, & depression. Three components to successful aging inside of quality housing include; 1. Physical, 2. Mental, and 3. Social well-being.

Problem Worth Solving

 PO Box 10021
Jacksonville, Florida  32247
Phone: (904) 509-4784

Plot Plan

G3 Village 35 acres G3 Logo.png

Team and Key Roles


Joanne Hickox

G3 Village Visionary

Joanne has ministered to the hearts and minds of thousands of seniors. She takes seriously God's call to tend and feed His sheep.

Jack Manilla.png

Jack Manilla

Business Consultant

Has a Servant’s Heart, Proven Business / Commercial Construction Record, Understanding of Organizational Clarity, and Strategic Insight.

Janet Whitmill.png

Janet O. Whitmill

Landscape Architect

Janet Whitmill brings excellent research and analysis skills in land development, environment, site planning and local regulations.

Lauren Butler.png

Lauren Butler

SoaM Board Chair

Lauren has been a passionate supporter of SoaM for a decade. It is his honor to shepherd the G3 Village concept into reality for seniors.

Partners and Resources


HealthTech Consultants

HTC has a reputation for highly competent, ethical, and personable consultants committed to assisting clients reach their evaluation goals.


Third Lens Ministries

The Third Lens provides comprehensive management services for the planning, design and construction of capital projects; 50 years of talent.


Capital Campaign Council

Founded in 1982, The FOCUS Group has served nonprofits for four decades. Building the kingdom of God by engaging relationships with donors.

Our Current Needs

  • Prayer Partners

  • Donated Land 

  • Funds